Sunday, March 14, 2004

Yet Another Blog

this blog's written for the sake of those in my daily-updating-for-new-entries fanclub who've been asking why i haven't been blogging much of late. it ain't easy but i'm forcing myself to write this. i didn't realise my blogs had such a huge following (head swelling, but okie its not exactly grand canyon huge lah), but it adds to the pressure of delivering readable and regular blogs. was lamenting to mark that its harder to be very personal on this blog anymore (as compared to my earlier entries), so i think it was a good thing that i still maintained my normal written diary. anyways i'm pretty sure there's enough tidbits and juicy rubbush in here to hopefully fan interest.

so yesterday i didn't blog since the morning because i've been slogging on my fyp (yet again!), like i've been doing the past week. its a terrible and torturous routine of cutting and pasting data, drawing graphs and basically staring at the computer screen for hours on end. my butt hurts from sitting on my cushioned chair for so long, my eyes are really tired and saggy, and the thought of having to keep doing all this amongst the culmination of my other assignment deadlines just makes me feel like crap. i only left for home around 1030pm at night after i had completed a good part of the readings i had set out to analyse. in fact the ride home was a very soothing one that had a really sayang-ing effect, so much so that i fell into deep slumber immediately upon touching my bed. i think i feel a depression coming (not that i've really been in one). need help here.

there's also the highlight of yesterday which turned out to be my dinner at extension with mark. yes, just me and ol'markie boy. we ate at the newly expanded kopitiam which was infested with city-harvest young punks (we're talking 13-19yrs old demographic) and we actually had to share a crummy table with yet another lonely church-goer who was alone. i had my regularly hainanese chicken rice (i almost always eat only the chicken rice or the duck rice there) while mark had teochew sliced fish porridge. then we each had a waffle from prima deli (they taste better than those sold in the other bakery nearer 7-e because they cook them waffles for you on the spot). afterthat i bought a packet of catfish and zebrafish (as food for my bitch) and some fish flakes and then we returned to school. how excitingly eventful.

i hear the east is getting flooded (to those affected maybe can tell me more?) from the monsoon rain that's been hitting singapore the last coupla days. each time it pours, places like tanjong katong upper east coast and paya lebar flood to record levels. for the first time in my life i saw on the news the huge canal criss-crossing the paya lebar mrt station filled almost to the brim, which to me is amazing because most times its either dried up sans the little drain in the middle or barely flowing at ankle depth. i mean its not even possible to throw a fishing line in since the waters are perpetually shallow. but on thursday i saw with my own eyes the one time the canal really saved the city plaza and mrt area from flooding. wow.

i've decided prior to coming back yesterday that i'd take a whole day's break today (it is the day of rest afterall) so perhaps i'll just blog a tad more if i'm free later. else i'd probably be sleeping my lazy afternoon away. my parents are up in malaysia visiting the aunts and uncles (amidst the election campaigns - go BN! win the hearts and minds of the chinese!), coming back on tuesday i think, so i think i'll drag fen and chuen out for a good dinner tonight. whee.

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