Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Roxy Square (Janggut Katong Laksa & Bei-Ing Wanton Mee)

Roxy Square food court in Katong.

Here, it houses 2 gems that I hold very dear in my life. I have been following either stall for almost 20 years now, and since 2000/01, they both moved under one roof. Match made in heaven. You should know them if you live or grew up in the East Coast. I can still be found eating there at least two weekends a month.

1. Where is the restaurant/hawker stall/cafe that you are recommending and what is the name?

Roxy Square Food Court, Roxy Square, Katong.

20 years on and it has hardly changed.

2. What sort of food does it serve?

It has got a variety of food here but the two biggest hits are the Janggut Katong Laksa and the Bei-Ing 美樱 Wanton Mee stall.

3. How much did you spend and how many dishes did you order?

My meal pattern has hardly changed for a long time. Its always a standard bowl of Laksa ($3) + Wanton Mee Large ($3.50) + 1 stick of otah ($1.10) + 1 can of ILT ($1.50) = $8.10 for a good lunch.

4. Name us at least 2 die-die must try dishes.

Of course it's the standard $3 laksa no chilli and the $3.50 wanton mee.

The Laksa claims to be the original, but then all Laksa stalls in Katong claim that. It used to reside across the road quite beside 328 Laksa and 49 Laksa (now no more ) and only moved to Roxy Square in 2000. It has another outlet in Queensway Shopping Centre. If you want to debate on Laksa with me, we need another email thread.

The Wanton Mee has been there for the longest time. Right when I was in secondary school. The uncle has been there forever since he took over his dad’s recipe. When you order, he’ll tell you a number, and then when your number is up, he’ll shout really loudly across the food hall. Really old school. He walks with a limp now after a motorcycle accident about 7 years ago and his daughter helps him out now.

5. When did you last visit ? (Date/Time)

14th of July 2013. Lunch. Try to go before 1pm. Afterthat, the church-goers around Katong flood that place. Park at Roxy ($1.50/hr) and take a walk to Parkway Parade or I12 Katong if you are too full.

6. What was the purpose of the visit?

Bi-weekly craving.

7. Would you revisit the restaurant/hawker/cafe again?

Twice a month, I’ll be there. Almost 20 years now.

Roxy Square along Katong

The stalls are side by side but I don’t have a picture of the Wanton Mee stall.

Actually the rojak there is also not bad if you still have space in your stomach.

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