Monday, July 15, 2013

Tribute To Benjamin Ching III

One year on.

That car accident that took his life. That took him from us.

He is still dearly missed. Memories of our good times are still fresh in my mind. Was still looking forward to being his brudder during his wedding dinner.

His mom misses him alot. I can see it on FB. So much so that reading her posts make me want to cry. No parent should have to feel such sorrow. His wife looks to have moved on. Who am I to assume other than reading her FB posts. Alot of people still miss him. Can see that from Google or FB as well. The company also posted an anniversary orbituary in the papers. A nice gesture, really. 

Today a memorial service is held for him. Sadly, I can't be there. 

Almost EXACTLY the same reason I couldn't be there for him when the accident first occurred. 

I also found another nice blog that paid tribute to him a year ago. In it is our favourite song when we used to cheong Dragonfly together.


Rest in peace, my brudder.

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