Saturday, August 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Wifey!

Today's wifey's birthday!

Took the trouble to get flowers delivered all the way to her office last night. She must be touched. She was so happy that she emailed me a really ecstatic email!

Flowers, humongous balloon AND Hans and Hannah the hedgehogs, haha. Anyone interested in where to order just drop me an email. My first time sending flowers to her office and it worked wonders. Tacky balloon? NOT!

Anyway also caught up with Uni mates last night at Timbre @ Arts House. Me the clueless idiot of all people ended up at the one at SMU instead, so I have to take a taxi to the correct place. Quite chill and great catching up. Everyone's getting married or buying a house!!

Work was a mess yesterday, but hopefully things will get better come Monday.

We're choosing our wedding photoshoot pix tomorrow! Excited!

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