Saturday, August 23, 2008

First Golf Tourney

Played in my first local golf tourney yesterday (no, I'm not trying to go pro here) at the Tanah Merah Country Club Tampines course. It was the Singapore Cricket Club Annual Golf tournament and since we were sponsors, we were invited to field a team.

I can't say I played well. In fact I sucked pretty bad. But then the rain came and spoiled all the fun with us ending up being able to play only 13 of 18 holes. I was so rusty I think I double-parred 7 of those holes and lost about 5 balls in the water (killer water bodies and canals). Nonetheless it was quite a fun experience to play competitively and its spurred me on to practice more at the range! Hehe.

Speaking of which, my $199 golf set has been holding up extremely well, but perhaps it is time to make a few new additions here and there. Maybe its time to invest in a Utility.

The event was pretty well organized although I felt extremely out of place. Felt like I stepped into an old folks home with all those old fogeys 50 and up. Haha.

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