Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Quick Update - Another Thrashing - Season 1 Deja Vu?

Haiz. Lost to ICAP 13-3. Funnily its the first time we lost to them, so I assume they were playing with a vengence. Last season we beat them once and drew another. Kinda sucked because it all seemed like we were playing pretty well and at a level much above last season. Oh well...

My wedding photoshoot came and went. Was really tedious and I did want to blog about it being even tougher than the wedding gown fitting. I guess I was too tired after the shoot to even blog about it. Haha. I do vividly recall myself being upset by evening time because it was so bloody hot and the toopid photographer was still trying to force us to smile in the setting sun! So don't be surprised by pictures with forced-smiles by me! I'm happy though...happy that its over! Haha...

Somehow feeling abit lost lately. Maybe I'm in need of a holiday, maybe I've been worrying too much about things I know not of what, maybe I'm spending too much time in office. I really dunno. Need help.

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