Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Ants In Our Pants

just back from our illegal swim at the src pool with joe and mark. spent quite a long time there swimming laps and relaxing. at some point it felt real good to drift about face up while my ears were submerged underwater, and as long as i kept moving, i easily kept afloat. i felt real relaxed doing so, clearing my mind of all complicated or worrisome matter. i think i'm getting the hang of all things therapeutical these days. anything that helps me relax, i like.

i was wondering where we'd get posted to for campusa. preferably somewhere further up north then it'd be easier skipping over to canada while i'm there.

as we were wearing our clothes to leave we found out the hard way that the bench placed our clothes was infested with biting ants! haha, so there was a scramble to jump back into the pool, before coming back out to beat those crawlies outta our clothes. quite a funny sight.

joe's slipper broke on the way back and he had to walk back barefooted too. cool.

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