Wednesday, March 03, 2004

In Loving Memory Of Squishie

argh i came back to my room to find out that my prized winner of survivor:bozo's fish tank, squishie has been eaten by the dreaded bitch!! haiz xianz. squishie's a bright orange swordtail that's been in my tank since day 1 and he went through every change in the tank from absolute nothing to the paradise it is today. poor fella, haiz. also eaten is my last surviving africa fish (i didn't really like it anyway). so now what's left are 2 prawns, 6 tiger-barbs, my crabby, mr no-name-yet leopard sucker, my two french snails merry and pippin ( should've named them pires and henry or something since they're french) and bitch. bitch is bad man, eat so plenty things. it took only 3 days to clean up my tank of catfish that i bought for it, darn. the tank still looks swell though, cos its got lotsa plants (and more to come!) and it looks like a cool pond.

oh-oh, trouble. heigui's computer has been locked by cits for some sharing violation which he's apparently not guilty of. whoever's reading this better take down your shared folders soon!! he's supposed to write a letter of explanation which cits will then evaluate. maybe should ask jinyi to pull strings or something, eh joe? haha...

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