Saturday, March 20, 2004

End Of The Week

its a really lazy saturday. think i'll give fyp a miss today and continue tommorrow evening. my pc crashed just as i finished this blog. so i had to retype everything. dog shite.

had a beer-drinking session outside xiuwen's room followed by lichun's room last night. weiming's come back to hall from ia so he just wanted a gathering. wasn't exactly way fun but still alright nonetheless. think i drink too much.

mark look alot better since last night. i hope whatever we've done has helped. it sure hasn't been easy for him nor us. but i'm glad we're pulling through. he even went for a jog with evarn and adrian last night. and he's handed in his fyp (envy* which means its one headache off his back. so good for him.

leon's also getting abit down lately. he was pondering aimlessly in front of lichun's computer the whole night. poor chap. i saw shaen taking some things back from his room just yesterday. really wanted to talk to her, but i guess i couldn't bring myself to. haiz. maybe if leon opened himself up a little more to us we might be able to help.

anyway i dowan to let all this stuff affect my fyp and schoolwork lah. darn. its quite xianz to think that i havent been doing much work for the past few days. but like i said. hopefully its been worth it.

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