Thursday, March 11, 2004

Mambo Jumbo Funbo!

okie so in the end we really did go to mambo, zouk.

and in the end it was only me leon hongwei and guoxin. but what fun!

there's something about going in a small group of all males. there's alot of freedom to let yourself go and not worry about the people you're with and there weren't any girls with us to look after even *double yippee*.

so it all began around 1015 when hongwei finally came back from dunno where and we chop-chop dressed up and flagged a cab to meet leon who was there like super duper early. it was already funny in the beginning because the moment we hopped into that cab, the uncle accepted a booking from somewhere else (dun ask me why but i think it was his itchy fingers), so he told us he had no choice but to chase us out (else he'd get suspended or something). but conscience obviously ate into him, and he decided to call his friend to pick us up instead. so alrightey, we said, but since his friend didn't know how to get to hall 8, the nice uncle actually drove us to the entrance of ntu (at no extra charge of course) just to meet up with his friend. needless to say uncle was a nice malay (but i won't get into that). so we dropped off at the entrance of jalan bahar and hopped into another cab...and to zouk we went.

i've always had the impression that mambo was eternally packed on wednesdays, but yesterday wasn't the case. there was no queue by the time we reached at 11pm. cover was $20, so we entered phuture. met huimin there with her friends. the dancefloor wasn't even crowded when we entered, so we just hung around the bar waiting for the dancefloor to fill, the music wasn't even very good right up to that point. and that's when we decided we oughta whack ourselves silly with something good.

first we each ordered an e-33 cider each (there as a promo that only required one coupon instead of the usual two for a bottle), then we went down to the bar nearest the dancefloor. note that after our first bottle, guoxin starts complaining that his tummy felt bloated (him and i had a beer each while waiting for hongwei in hall). by this time the music was getting good (could've been the cider) and we were drifting towards the dancefloor liaoz. then suddenly, out of impulse, someone (naturally it could only have been yours trully) decided that since it was 1-for-1, we should each down a couple of flaming lambourghinis!

the male ego is a very fragile but huge one, one that can easily be swayed by sheer machoismo and peer taunting. throw in the fact that we were pumped up for alcohol, and you'd get everyone just trying to verbally outdo the other in regards to just how much each of us can manage.

back to the flaming... so we marched to the bar and ordered our lambourghinis. one each first. $11.50 a pop (normal $23). cheap shit. everyone downs their cuppa pretty simply, till guoxin takes it. he chokes. no go. didn't finish, hongwei finishes it for him. poor sod. so guoxin's out of the picture. he's quite gone and you can see from his face that he's already up there at the higher level waiting for the rest of us.

the frail ego is easily overcomed and we decide a second one would be a piece of cake, i mean honestly i was still feeling quite alright. so leon and i take a double. finished. still good. for a moment i thought i wasted my money not able to feel high after two flamers, but the burning sensation told me the hammer would knock soon. hongwei could'nt find a partner to share a double, so leon takes it with him. 3rd for leon. downs it with ease. wow.

okie so no more drinks liao. we hit the dancefloor and the music's like really flowing this time with 'ymca' and 'summer rain' to welcome us back to the dancefloor. the shit starts to kick in once we're there. i mean REALLY kick in. i saw it in guoxin earlier (he's still gone), then i could see it in hongwei too, and leon's looking all weird, and i found myself spinning quite alot. argh. so for the next 2 hours, we partied like animals (just how do animals party anyway?) and thanks to the brilliant music, we didn't take any breaks (my surprisingly old body could take it). and so that summed up our night session.

by 0245 we stumbled out and realised we left a man behind (who else but guoxin) and went back to look for him (i just leaned by a railing while the others did actually). we got a cab and went back to school. the cab driver was another really nice chap (this time he was an apnn), offered us plastic bags(though we never got to use them) and spent the whole trip us stories of horror passengers who puked in cabs and the three of us (minus guoxin who was sleeping) constantly went 'ooh' and 'eeeew' and all that just to whet his appetite for telling us more.

upon reaching hall guoxin rolled out and puked (thank goodness not in horror-story uncle's cab) and then we all helped him back to his room. leon was surprisingly okie even after the earlier 3 shots. i was high but okie. hongwei was erm. kinda gone. could'nt walk straight at all. anyway he came over to have supper (which nice mr zix helped us buy since he was outside) while we watched soccer. you could tell he was really quite gone when he says he's alright but there he is lying outside my room saying he's gonna sleep there. haha.

well so all in all last night was a pretty good session.

i think i'll go wash up now...

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