Saturday, March 13, 2004

Tired Morning

hmm. it's yet another day of non-blogging yesterday. was busy wrestling with fyp the whole of yesterday in the fluids mechanics lab. xianz. hopefully i'll be able to churn out a proper presentation of results by monday so that i can continue with the rest of my experiments. also have to start on my fyp report man. and my clean tech report. and my ens presentation. double xianz.

we went cheonging again last night. this time to newsroom bar. quite alot of hall people went. there was *deep breath* me chun lian guoxin mark beth xiaowei zhihong ah aow john hongwei tsen yeow ben tan eddie. and then after the whole thing ended we went outside and bumped into pearly danny and xiaobin.

i wouldn't say last night was the best of cheonging sessions largely because i was really tired. wherever i was the whole night i had the tendency to drift in and out of my existing state of mind. found myself stoning alot. and i didn't even bothered to dance much (only around the end i suppose). we shared two bottles of chivas regal which got most of us all sufficiently high. i think the rest of them had quite alot of fun.

most of everyone were dancing then drinking dancing then drinking while i mainly hung around looking after the drinks with whoever who took turns hanging around me (thankfully i wasn't left alone most of the time). i was smoking like a chimney though. darn. gotta stop that liaoz. the alcohol's not so bad but the fags give me a sore throat every morning after. shite.

so the whole night i was hanging around the couches playing cai quan with different people, occasionally going to the toilet or popping by the dancefloor for a brief cameo. later on lichun and i went to 7-11 to get some fresh air and go atm to get money, then on the way back we were checking out other clubs. apparently beth and guoxin also went to 7e but we didn't see them. mark wasn't so happy that beth went without telling him or something lidat though i thought mark was sleeping really soundly on the couch when i left. anyway the ride on the taxi with the both of them felt a tad weird (i don't like the awkwardness of strained silence, but maybe i was just tired) anyway i (not surprisingly) fell in and out of sleep throughout our journey back so it wasn't too bad.

will be spending the rest of today doing my dreaded fyp again. it's such a strain to have my fyp drag on for so long but it sure looks like its gonna drag on till the end of the month. so don't expect me to be blogging as much as i used to.

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