Monday, March 15, 2004

A Relaxing Day

argh. man u just got thrashed 4-1 by man city. xianz. this season's really a bad one for us fans. out of the champs league, third in the league behind chelsea and arsenal, only winnable trophy would be a fa cup, but gotta get past arsenal in the semis first. i suppose whoever wins that semi-final game will go on to win the fa cup anyway since the other semi final tie is between sunderland and either tranmere or millwall (millwall? i mean alistair edwards once played for them lor! sunderland will make the finals for sure.)

it's been a relaxing day for me. really not looking forward to another hell week starting tommorrow...

spent a good 2hrs just reading the morning papers (its a must-do when i wake at home), then had lunch with val in siglap, nice of her to drive me to and from home even though i could've walked there myself. went to place some small bets in sgpools for the first time in more than two months of which i've already lost $5 cuz of the above result. dog shite.

went to the gym with chuen. had a full upper body workout, i think i won't be able to move my arms tommorrow but that would just make me happy. i'm currently at 67.5kg, can't believe i've lost almost 5kg since late last year. must be my attachment made me fat while my fyp's killing me. looks like i gotta build up more muscle than beer belly. even my sis says i drink too much just from reading my blogs. i realise i'm only able to benchpress 50 pounds and shoulderlift 120 pounds (and needed bro's help for it). not very strong at all. my bro benchpresses 70 pounds and shoulder lifts 170. must remind myself never to offend him. we then ordered pizza back for dinner instead of going out since parent trap was showing on tv. i love that show!! the olsen twins are like bloody cute lor!!

i took the train back to ntu alone. i haven't done so for quite awhile but i always enjoy taking the train back alone. it gives me ample 'alone' time to reflect and think about alot of things thats been going on around me. i spent the first half of my journey finally finishing up big fish *hooray* (so the ending was almost the same afterall) and the other half thinking about alot of stuff.

thinking is depressing sometimes. thats why its always better to be constantly busy with work when you're depressed because you wouldn't have to let your depressive thoughts wonder and spiral further downwards. i dunno what i'm saying liaoz.

anyway i deliberately took the 179 bus instead of the 199 one just to find out which got me back to my room faster. according to my hp clock, i took exactly 14 minutes from jp interchange to the canteen 2 busstop and another 5 minutes to walk back to my room from there. will try to remember to time a 199 trip next time out.

a relaxing day for me. hell tommorrow.

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