Monday, March 29, 2004

Work Hard Day

okie today i shall officially begin attempting to work hard. i hope i dunt fail. haha.

the weekend's been pretty fine for me.

saturday's chelsea-wolves game was a roller-coaster though. went to buy 5 and 6 goals for the game prior to the match. then caught it with jinde at some chic cafe at east coast. first half ends 1-1, i think to myself 3 more goals might not come that easy for chelski. second half wolves take a surprising lead, 1-2. i get hopeful that chelski's gonna turn it on. they do, lampard equalises quite quickly and suddenly there's hope that winning big might be a reality. then enter jimmy floyd. scores a screamer a few minutes after coming on. i turn into a screamer. "money!" i was screaming like an idiot. but i think the majority of the crowd there were chelski fans so it seemed okie. my main man jimmy plops in a second. good god i'm hysterical now, a $5 bet yields a $50 return. i scream somemore. life is good for these few minutes of your life when shite like this happens. now i'm scared. no more goals please! tak boleh! wolves hold on really tight and the final minutes almost made me pee in my pants. then stoopid jimmy scores a fluke (its should've been offside!) in the bloody 93rd-minute, possibly with the last kick of the game. argh!!!! my world crumbles. i scold jimmy. i scold his mother. i scold his mother's mother. and then some. argh. i pull a long face and whine and howl. final score: 5-2 to chelski. dog shite.

had a really good chat with ma n pa yesterday night. they sent me back to hall (really nice of them after ma noticed what a sick puppy i was), but on the way we went to extension for supper/dinner. talked to pa about how he achieved what he had achieved today. his nutshell of a story lasted the whole trip to extension. but was an interesting and inspirational story nonetheless. then i reflected to both of them about my fears that i have no direction in my life at this moment. i dunno what i wanna do, and i dunno where to start and how to start. i 'm graduating in 2 months and not knowing what i wanted to work towards in the short term made me feel a tad useless. i knew what i wanted in the long term, but the journey there i really had no clue of...

anyway he offered some really good soothing advice. he offered options in terms of direction. and best of all he offered hope. and lots of it at that. i mean sure i read inspirational self-help books or listened to motivational speeches and blah, but honestly if you'd ask me, there's really nothing more inspirational than to hear them all from someone you're really close to and you look up so admirably to. by the time we were done with our talk, the kopitiam was starting to close liaoz. well so i hope i won't forget what he says, and try to get my degree first as an immediate concern.

thanks ma and pa.

celebrated steven's birthday last night during half-time of the man u-arsenal match. joe's right. i've never seen any poor sod sing a birthday song to himself before. poor steven. i dunno how he allows himself to be degraded so much. then again maybe that's why we all love him to bits. happy birthday dude.

okie okie time to get down to work liaoz. else people are gonna start nagging about how lazy i am.

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