Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Another Busy Morning

hey ho, i'm up blogging early today again. i think my biological clock has set itself to the 10am timeslot liao so that i can even wake without my handphone alarm. got lots of fyp work to do, then i'll haveta stop at around 3pm so i can study my malay. hopefully the test won't be too difficult.

having abit of a tummyache this morning though i have no idea what i could've eaten wrong. or maybe its cuz i haven't eaten at all. i've been to the toilet once liao. it's irritating when you can't shit in your favourite cubicle cuz the toilet's being washed, so havta walk a little more to the other fourth level toilet to shit.

the other toilet is much nicer actually, having been renovated a few months ago. the tiles are really clean, the floor's not slippery and even the protective plastic on its metallic flush hasn't been ripped out yet. but still i'd rather shit in my old toilet. last cubicle. the squatting throne. its hard to explain, but perhaps thats where my comfort zone for toilets is.

i've also added the candy girl's blog (yay, you blog too!) and mark's scrabble saga just for everyone's convenience. no point in me always directing people who dunno mark to his site. john's also started his darts saga. haha. i guess everyone's got a story to tell don't they? maybe i ought to write about something too?

i've been so busy with my fyp this week that i haven't had time to do the daily chores in my room.the room's in quite a mess, the floor's starting to feel dirty again, the clothes haven't been washed for awhile and i've been neglecting my fish tank abit.

the bitch is getting really huge, 6"?. i can't find a catfish or prawn anymore(they must be hidiing really really well) since i bought a packet of both just last week. the new plants i bought are quite nice but one of them is growing so fast that several stalks have grown out of my tank already. will probably trim them when i have the time. the other plant seems to be merry and pippin's (my two french snails) favourite veg. they hang around it all day and chew on it. in fact if you look closely enough you can see the trail of chewy they left on the stems. tsk tsk. i can't find crabby, haven't seen him since last friday, might be hiding somewhere (hope the bitch hasn't gotten to him yet).

i miss squishie.

oh well time to slog again...

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