Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Everyday's An Adventure

funny that i'd use this title but since i just mentioned it to beth i decided its a nice one to use. i feel really listless today as though there's nothing much to look forward to for the rest of the day. i'll try my best to camp out in the school for as long as i am humanly capable (argh)...hopefully another adventure will just come by...(maybe i could be kidnapped to russia!)

watched the american film 'kids' by gus van sant last night. its nothing more than a profile of the decadent lifestyles of streetkids off american streets. quite realistic acting though (then again acting high on drugs and having a good time all through the show isn't too hard) and the cast doesn't feature any recognisable names. an eye-opener to the daily lives of the less fortunate streetkids in the US of A, a rotting disease. hope i don't end up with kids like these if i go for campusa. recommended for home viewing.

steven and jackson are in the cad/cam lab beside me right now. i took a seat one seat away from them (so they can't read what i'm writing, haha). steven came over just now to complain that amy (hello! fluffy here!) laughed at him after reading the way i described his godzilla-stunt (see just keep swimming blog), when we went swimming awhile ago. so i came clean and showed that blog to him. no harm in that...until he read that his growl was 'pussy-like' hahahahaha. pretty funny.

okie it's time to slog on with my fyp/hrm/ens/cleantech assignments/project/work now. update again later! who knows what the later part of the day will bring!

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