Monday, March 08, 2004

It's A Rainy Day

goodness can't remember how many times i almost slipped and fell since i came to school in the morning. i think i ought to change my slippers soon before the frictionless base kills me.

its my hrm tutorial now but since foo chek teck is so bloody longwinded and full of self-praise (i thought i was bad), i decided to blog an entry before i go for it.

spent almost the whole damn day holed up in the fluids mechanics lab slogging through the rest of my fyp experiments. i 've managed to complete the rotational sets for the 1 degree in and out rotational plates so i'm left with 4 more plates to go. but in order to complete so much today i didn't do data analysis for the results i got since i figured i can bring it back to my room computer to do tonight. okie i've decided also to ditch the name xiao ding dang for my dumb machine. i don't wanna call it anything lah. argh. as long as she treats me well for the next few days, whatever she wants me to call her i'll call...usually it's just a simple "oi!".

i actually went for a prescribed lecture just now of which i managed to keep awake by first, writing an entry into my journal, and then trying to finish up what's left of big fish (i'm at hte part where he buys the town of specter!). the clean tech pe lectures are so boring and dead that half the class is usually asleep by the half-hour mark. xianz. could've been doing my fyp instead if not for the attendance-taking.

okie i'm off to hrm tutorial now and then malay class afterthat. hopefully i won't slip and kill myself on the way.

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