Monday, March 22, 2004

lazy blogger

hmm i think i've turned into a lazy blogger liaoz. haven't been blogging as much as i've wanted. each time something blog worthy happens i'd be already thinking of how to phrase it in my blog but once i'm in front of the computer terminal, i just get into rather-read-other-people's-blgos mode, and end up not blogging in my own. else maybe i just have a rotten memory and can't remember things enough to write about.

so anyway yesterday was a pretty eventful day which i really wanted to blog about. had the blog craving once in the afternoon, then in the evening and even twice at night. but hten no blogs. how lazy of me. i think yesterday was a very thinking-reactive day like alot of things that i did or happened about me was thoughtworthy and therefore, blogworthy. i can't really remember those thoughts liaoz so i figure i'll just recap all that's happened and maybe some thoughts might trickle back...

i forgot what time i woke, but i do remember it was when my brother came into the room after having to stay back in camp for some extra guard-duty caused by the 3-stooges-in-tekong incident. now the problem with two brothers who hardly come home (one in camp the other in hostel) sharing a room is that there's only one bed available at all times. should the both of us spend the night at home together, one's gotta sleep on a makeshift mattress on the floor (its always me anyway). so the night before i actually had the rare luxury of sleeping on the super-single bed (not like its bad to take the floor mind you). the moment i saw him pulling the makeshift mattress into the room (it's kept in my sister's room), i knew he was a tired wreck, so i nuahed a little while more before offering the luxurious bed, bolster comforter drooled-on pillow all to him. what a nice brother i am. and that was how i woke up.

i went through my normal sunday routine reading the papers for at least an hour before thinking about breakfast/lunch. there wasn't any yesterday so i jioed val to siglap to eat. this time we ate at the kopitiam beside siglap centre with the nice nice mee pok ampang yong tau foo and wanton mee (i didn't think it was good). sundays are really relaxing when you can slowly read the newpaper and slowly eat your mee and drink your whatever at a nice little kopitiam in the east. really haven't thought of any better way to spend a sunday morning...afterthat she had the car, so we drove to changi beach for awhile (though i'm not sure why liaoz) and went to enjoy the sea breeze there. but it wasn't too long after we reached that it started to rain, so we went back.

by the time val sent me home i was already late in my meeting to play soccer with jinde and his friends. jinde was late as usual, and it didn't help that he didn't bring his handphone along. i ended up joining another group of guys for soccer. now i have to say that its a really really wrong idea to attempt to play soccer in running shoes with a sprained ankle. i kinda found that out the hard way (as usual i thought the dumb ankle could hold out), suffering just after my first few kicks of the ball. for the rest of the game i ended up playing goalie, which still ended up hurting my ankle further. now there's a funny line of blue-black just above my sole. sheesh. anyway jinde finally came and he went to play with his friends but the rain cleared the whole field so me and him met up again. he had a friend, jeffrey who wanted to join us for dinner, and what a friend he was!

first he brought us to his club, singapore swimming club, to wash up. i've never been in there before even though it's been opposite dunman high since we moved into the new premises. but all i can say is that bathing there is a complete luxury. all that you need and don't need they also have. cosy, elegant and well equipped, i think my attempts to gush about how shiok it was to have a shower there would just diminish how great it actually felt there. hmm. must go back there to shower again given the opportunity.

after what felt like a super long time in the toilet (1.5hrs?) jeffrey drove us to blk 85 ba chor mee to eat. its a great and cheap place to eat when your super hungry, no money yet want good food. the other equal alternative according to them would supposedly by chomp chomp in serangoon? or was it sembawang? which me the suah koo has never ever been to. (will someone please bring me there someday?). we had ba chor mee, carrot cake, chicken wings and sugarcane juice, all for less than $10. shiok!

then my main man jeff even sent jinde (changi prison) and i (siglap) home! wow. if you're reading this, thanks a million jeff!

so anyway i went home to realise that bn (barisan nasional - m'sia's ruling coalition) has practically swept the elections, taking back terrenganu and almost winning kelantan. while pas suffered remarkable losses. go liberals!

later on my mom said she was tired so i didn't ask her to send me back to school. i took a bus to cityhall and then the train back to school instead. along what seemd like a really quick journey, i occupied myself with 'what if i had a million dollars' thoughts. very fun. at jp i bumped into seryang and we took the ride back together.

i hadn't even gotten to my room in the hall when i bumped into leon and beth in guoxin's room ALREADY discussing wednesday-go-to-zouk plans! haiz. really cheonging too much man. okie that might as well be my last last last cheonging session before the exams lah. haiz. hope i stick to that.

weixiong bought a new car. with what he earned from the surveys that he got omc and fap to do i suppose. if not exactly a very good one and there're countless jokes made about it, but its still something to call his own nonetheless. and he's fixed it up nicely with a good sound system (a must-have in MY car if i ever do own one) to boot! so he jioed me to go out with the rest of the 42 peeps for supper at boon lay market last night. not often he does that so i accepted his invitation to ride in his mobile. reminds me of the scrabble mobile i must say. feels really similar. boon lay market still hasn't moved back to its original premises. so damn long liaoz. still in that makeshift dump. boon lay nasi lemak ALWAYS tastes good.

so that was my really eventful sunday. think it sound a tad long winded. shall stop liaoz.

today i continued with my fyp. so xianz. ens presentation this coming friday too. darn. looks like the slogging will continue for the rest of this week.

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