Saturday, March 20, 2004

Keep Feeling Cheated

today i had dinner alone at kfc siglap.

i can't help it, i really can't. each time i eat here i get the feeling that i should've burnt my cash and starved instead. why do i still go back? dunno. these people are really slowly but surely transforming into the marry brown of malaysia (remember johor and mark's half-hour one piece chicken meal??). it's crap. everything but their chicken sucks. how they are still remaining competitive in our local economy? mat support. no kidding. more than half their patrons are mats and their entire counter crew and kitchen staff (maybe except for the outlet manager) are mats.

how in the world do they do it? the brown plastic trays are so unclean that there's still mashed potato leftover on them, the ketchup packets have ketchup on them, the coleslaw'a overfilled that its spilling out of the container, potato wedges are cold (and there're only 3 pathetic slices) and the tables are dirty with leftovers. the service is slow and meals are so darn expensive ( bloody shite if it weren't for my craving for fried chicken...). i have no idea how they can find it in their hearts to charge $8.65 for a meal with 3 pieces of chicken. how in the world did they acheive the A grade classification by the environment ministry under such poor conditions?!! dun ask me. but if you did i'd tell you its the mats' fault. dunno how they afford to eat there though. hmm, no wonder marry brown's doing better than kfc in malaysia...

speaking of our northern neighbour the elections drama is really intriguing. polling's tommorrow and quite a few of my relatives will be voting in the state of selangor. probably voting bn. chinese there almost always vote bn.

the 3 idiotic fugitives in tekong have all been caught. good job saf! already it wasn't a very smart thing to land on the most armed island aside from our mainland, first thing they'd have thought of if they didn't wanna die or get charged under the firearms act was to ditch the weapons. but no, the third guy still carried a pistol. which he didn't use since he was huddling and shivering from hunger and the cold anyway...twit. zhiqi (she's not singaporean) thought it was quite kuazhang to be deploying 400 saf personnel and 300 police officers to the 20sq km island, but i guess you wouldn't understand till you've seen the swampy middle and eastern regions of tekong where the recce troopers and commandoes have trained before. no shit.

oh and president of taiwan chen shui bian won the elections to stay on a second term against all odds. won by barely 2% margin i think. shows that people do sympathise when you get shot - even if it might be your own party member (that's the conspiracy theory i'm siding with). opposition candidate lien chan declares elections void. haha. sore loser. so drama.

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