Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Tired Tired

at the cad/cam lab again. had brunch with mark at canteen a just now, i'm getting sick from having had to eat there so often, but the chicken katsu was good today.

was so tired last night i fell asleep before i had wanted to. ended up missing the supper i asked guoxin to buy for me (sorry beth!). the good thing is i learnt that shengyong ate up beth's duck noodles and my mee pok. paid guoxin anyway for his trouble, was feeling kinda bad making him buy then never eat.

malay test tommorrow. will only begin to study tom afternoon. hopefully thats enough time and hopefully that gorgeous chio bu who sits beside me during lesson will actually have studied and will write in larger fonts during the test.

the whole period since i came back from dinner yesterday i spent touching up on my experimental data. its a bitchy tedious process of data manipulation and filtration. so disgustingly taxing. i think my eyesight's failing me from all that staring into the computer screen. they feel real heavy and soggy and coupled with the little sleep i'm unacustomed to, i'm developing eye bags for one of the rare times in my life (god i'm ugly!). i also have to squint quite alot these days, i don't think my myopia's gotten worse, but the astic ('sat how its spelt?) is definitely worsening, as if it ain't bad enough. these days even with my glasses on the lights in the night glare in larger glowrings than before. waiting to start hallucinating...

oh well hopefully things'll improve come friday when we go cheong (meeting this week's quota), this time we've planned to go newsroom bar. gotta remember to drink less alcohol, i still have a six-pack in my fridge. i don't feel awfully stressed, but there's alot of work to do and its gotta be done somehow so i find myself overly busy with things i'd rather not do, and neglecting the things that i want to concentrate on. but hey, i wouldn't be living life if things were all that perfect init?

back to the fluids mechanics lab...

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