Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Total Recall

just came down to the com lab to cool down. the fluids mechanics lab is getting hotter and hotter especially when they have to off the fans to accomodate the wind tunnel projects. shoot. feeling quite bubbly this sunny afternoon. and looking forward to mambo tonight! according to john this is our last cheong session #4 liaoz. hopefully we'll stick to it being our last, else no one's gonna be able to study for the coming exams. mark john and joe have already begun studying liaoz, so envious, done with their fyps while us poor mpe folk are still slogging over it, right thomas?

woke up with a slight headache from last night's drinking session. think we all (besides the sipper) drank abit too much last night. hope it wouldn't affect those of us who're partying tonight. anyway just to elaborate more about the things that happened last night...

we met around 6+ to take a bus together to extension for mark's celebratory dinner. went to the BEST kopitiam, the one nearest to 7-11, the zhi cha there to eat. at least we had alot of cock to talk about while deciding what to order from the menus.

speaking of menus, me the hamsum idiot went to approach this really young nubile thing (i swear she looked like a m'sian ah lian working there) and asked "auntie ah, you mei you cai dan?" (auntie, do you have menus?) then wah lao she suddenly looked like she freaked out or something, and gave me a funny squealed up face before backing off and signalling that, erm she was also waiting for her dabao zhi cha food to be ready. shite. should've called her xiaojie instead. wah sibeh embarassing. ironically i was laughing like an idiot after i realised my mistake and decided to call this super-old ah mmm (whom CONFIRM works there this time) xiaojie. i think that totally made her day man. "you! you! zhe bian (moves to take menus), bu yong ke qi hor!" was her super-prompt enthu reply.

the rest of the dinner went by quite okie. chun joined us around 7, just as we started eating. i was trying to stall for time to wait for her but everyone was hungry, so bopianz. still, we were nice enough to order more vegetables since she likes veggies. so dun say dun have.

then we decided to buy beer, and the rest of what happened can be read in john's and joe's blogs. joe's blog about our lost-boy thomas is particularly insightful as to how lost in his doodling world that boy can be. lying on the floor, legs innocently waving about in the air and face in full concentration (you can almost see abit of tongue sticking out like a smart kid knowing what he's doing) while he took his time to doodle a stooopid sotong on mark's card like a kid in a drawing competition...

wah lao not say i wanna say lah but mark also damn bloody insensitive lor. whole bloody world in guoxin's room whispering and giggling in a little corner, he should have sensed we were trying to do something for his birthday lor. but nooo, mr kaypoh must barge into the room and peek around and even when joe and chun were trying to distract him away by leaving the room he still must find out what's going on...

and thats how mr kaypoh saw the lost boy draw his sotong.

sing birthday song next. no big deal, quickly got over with it. gave him his pressie which we didn't know what it was (chun bought it). so we asked him to open it. it was a shirt and a dumb lamb, mark are you gonna hug THAT to sleep every night? least the shirt looked presentably nice.

then we cut cake next. mark the royal majesty gets waited on while john struggles with the cake (must be a first time for him), mark takes his slice (the first piece) and stealthily fades off into my room (i noticed he had tried his pressie shirt on, so now he looks like a punk) to watch tv. everyone else gasps. everyone else sighs. everyone else proceeds to eat cake outside my room. everyone else cleans up cakey mess.

so it was beer guzzling time! nothing much lah. we played cai quan and 007 to get ourselves to drink. as you can see from everyone else's blogs, mark the cheat/sipper took like 3 hours to finish one can of beer. i think his beer was already beginning to grow mouldy. zix joined in the fun. zix the poor sod is new to 007 level 3 onwards where you play the normal game but cannot speak in chinese or english. i thought cannot speak chinese was already bad enough for him.

well that was our eventful night last night. hope mark the cheating sipper enjoyed himself. sure beer sucks, but you're supposed to drink ANYTHING and EVERYTHING people give you on your birthday (does not apply to my birthday though)!!!

time to get back to my fyp. haiz so slow. realised ens presentation is next friday. phew! got more time to prepare. gotta start speaking in malay liaoz. next wednesday is malay oral. malay people are ALWAYS into oral shit. dumb cikgu sibeh enthu. probably expect us to do the drama mamma rubbish he's always trying to advocate. dog shite.

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