Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Still In School...

it's evening and i'm still stuck in the library doing research. xianz.

met my supervisor just now. he's just back from his 2-days mc (they're human too!) and he still isn't too pleased with the results my dumb machine is producing. argh. but he's starting to soften a little since he knows my time is almost up *choke* so he'll make abit of leeway but he honestly told me what would be best to be done so that the moderator would query less. i do want to get good results both for him and my own grades, but somehow the dumb machine can't seem to produce them. xianz. well he also told me i'd definitely pass *mini-yippee* since he's be impressed by my (haha!) work ethic. so that rules out getting an A, E or F grade for my fyp. bleahz.

also bumped into wenxiang just now when i went to have teabreak alone (lonely me). he's from my clan during the hall 8 foc when we were in year one, not awfully close but still good for a tea-talk. he too was having his teabreak in solitude. was nice of him to allow me to have tea with him and we chatted about how we were and what we were up to. it was nice talking to him after so long.

there's a funny similarity in the lives of final-year students and some years ago i probably would never have imagined i'd be drifting in such a scenario. we're all super-duper free, yet struggling with our final-year projects, trying to appreciate whatever time we have left in our universities and trying not to worry about what the future holds when we leave to become an unemployment statistic. haiz. it gets worrisome just beginning to think about it, so i shan't...

okie its back to work!

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