Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Another Night Another Day

woke up at 10 this morning hoping to do some work in my room. but as always my room's cluttered with distractions (i felt compelled to fold my clothes), so i decided to shift my fat butt to the mpe com lab where the environment's alot more conducive. i shall try to keep this entry short so that people will complain less (but its MY journal?!)

anyway yesterday evening joe mark and i went down to aceglobal (shared a cab with beth) to hand in our application forms. each of us was missing a form here and there but the bulk of the important bits were finally completed and handed in. while the oral interview was a really simple one, the audio 2 minute self-intro made me pretty nervous (i dunno why i act lidat all the time) and it seemed like a really long time even though i had prepared my intro and was just reading from a piece of paper. haiz. jeeper-creepers. aside from that there wasn't much to note except that that pretty young thing gythrie ramalingam (i swear she looks authentically chinese) graduated last year from business, ntu, so she didn't seem so scary after we realised that we were but from the same cohort of 2000.

joe left us to catch big fish (mr alphamale thought it sucked) with the 42 peeps right after the aceglobal appointment, so that left mark and myself, the dynamic duo, to have dinner together. we wanted to watch the movie gladiatress (it just might be the next kung pow!) but we missed the latest 530 screening slot, so we ended up having dinner at subway, shaw tower. now to be honest while i have eaten in subway before (though seldom), i have to admit that i thoroughly enjoyed the meal i had with mark (surprise!). i had a super-duper filling foot-long italian b.m.t. (whoever knows what it stands for please comment) meal that cost me close to $10 but i thought it beat some steamboat thingy markie boy (roll-eyes) was recommending. we talked alot over the hour-long meal and it made me realise two things about him (i'm sure he's gonna comment on this if he reads it. statistically, the chances that he'll deny it are close to 99.9%).

1. he really talks as though the ants were whispering.
2. his sense of hearing is as acute as that of an elephant...with both its ears chopped off and its eardrums grinded into salami.

'nuff said.

still, it was somewhat fun, then we walked all the way to cityhall and upon reaching we made perhaps the lousiest ever decision a pair of men could've made. beth and val are gonna kill us for this but its too interesting for me not to blog it. we actually decided that we would each try to find a small little something for our girlfriends. that was dumb alright (he said it was gonna be sweet - he didn't say it was gonna kill us doing so). so stupidly, we combed places like card's n such giftland (his ideas) mph tots robinsons (my ideas). the ending? empty handed. if it wasn't my indecisiveness to find the right little something, it was his innate talent to select little somethings that screamed 'i collect dust really well!' so there. empty handed. lesson learnt? never attempt to shop for little somethings with another attached man. the other moral of the story (just for the girls), is to never underestimate a man's stupidity in thier quest to pleasing their significant other. sure we came up empty-handed, but if this wasn't blogged, no one but us two pathetic losers would've realised that it's the thought that counts would it? and that's what mattered.

okie now that i've got THAT off my chest, i'll go bury myself in work till i get bored again.

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