Saturday, March 06, 2004

Eastern Sea Breeze

it feels great to be back home after such a long time (didn't go home last weekend). there's nothing like the serenity and calmness of the marine parade - siglap area. this is the perfect place to bring up the children and grow old.

anyway i just got dragged to parkway by val to eat ya kun kaya toast just now. it's the first time i've tried it. it's awfully expensive at $3.50 for 4 slices of bread, 1/2 boiled eggs and tea. val likes it alot. i think the breads too crispy for my liking while the tea tastes weird. the eggs are big (bigger than kopitiam fare)and tasty though. each time i come back to the east i feel like i haven't missed much of a beat in the weekend bustle (maybe that's cuz i've been coming back ONLY on weekends for 6 years now). things here are still so familiar friendly and calm.

the funny thing about the east is that the course of time has hardly changed the environment and culture of this place. sure there're renovations and construction occasionally but essentially these changes hardly affect the impression of the place i've spent my childhood in. alot of old buildings and schools and other facilities still pepper the entire katong-marine parade-siglap-east coast area as though a fond reminder of all that i grew up with. maybe we're lucky this place was helmed by our brudder ct goh so upgrades and renovations are always so competent and efficient. but still, i sure as hell wouldn't trade this place for any other in singapore.

that said, perhaps we each have our preferences as to where we'd rather live in (which tends to be where we grew up in due to familiarity). the other day a very close friend revealed that she's never even heard of parkway parade before. i was shocked and not to mention appalled. how on earth can a singaporean not know this place?!! (got people so damn bloody suah koo wan meh?). then she pointed out that i didn't know the new 40-storey hdbs were in toa payoh, her hometown, so now we're even (no fair!).

also, today i did something really constructive at home. my room's toilet bowl flushing system broke down a few days ago, so my brother and i spent the better part of the afternoon repairing the flush mechanism. it felt great to help out (finally, after so long) and it was also great brother-bonding time with my bro. he's grown so big now sometimes i have to pause awhile just to see how big he's grown (i mean he's bigger and heavier than me!). and now he's taking muay-thai (kickboxing) lessons during his free time away from the army (i'm so dead if i ever tried anything funny on him), go bro!

okie all this eastern rambling is kinda making me hungry for reasons i know not why...

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