Saturday, March 06, 2004

One Day Gone

wow. i can't believe i actually got by one whole day without blogging. i remembered the closest i got to blogging yesterday was after slogging for fyp i went over to the cad/cam lab but the moment i logged in the staff said the lab was closing liao. so there.

chinablack that night turned out to be quite an interesting night actually (okie so i was wrong). the night didn't look good when we got there though, there were so few people in the club that we kept making snide sarcastic jokes about having had to queue for hours just to squeeze into the club. i mean it was so bad the whole club only had one couch area filled (that was by mulian john mark and beth) when i went in. but as the night wore on and the drinks started flowing, we got high enough to neglect the emptiness of the place and dwelled in our own confines playing cai quan (guess numbers), and the place slowly but surely filled up. i think everyone had a bit too much to drink that night so it ended with a snippet of shows to watch.

a crap load of people were quite pissed out. maxine was crying alot (wonder why). wee teck was crying alot (wonder why). everyone was really high since drinks came to a near free-flow toward the end. everyone was puking left right and centre. i do remember fbt kevin in particular, protesting that he wasn't drunk, even though there was a one-inch string of drool dangling on the left corner of his mouth and i had to help him wiped it off while agreeing that he wasn't drunk. hmm. i thought it was really fun somehow...maybe in my usual warped sense, there was an egoistic feeling of empowerment whenever everyone around me was high or drunk while i was sober, so maybe that was it. felt quite bad about brudder john since he didn't have his 42 brudders with him but he did look quite high as he drank quite alot too.

its hard to get into specifics about alot of what went on that night and i'm abit too lazy to narrate everything that i saw. but in all i thought it was a night where peoples' inner-consciousness were peeled out by the ravaging effects of alcohol and whether elaborate or subtle, their actions displayed alot of the manifestations of what really was on the back of their minds. it is true that alcohol has a way of exposing the only truth that the hardened and layered shell of a man's heart will never reveal.

enough of chinablack.

john has started his own blogsite! it's quite funny when you read john's blogs while pretending as though he were narrating what he wrote to your ears. maybe it was just me but i was laughing in front of the computer while reading his blogs and my mom thought i was a nut! anyway, i like his xiao-wan-zi and i got a bitch of my own too. and its really funny to describe it when you give it a female name. so from now on, i will call mine xiao-ding-dang (i can't think of anything liao).

it's a bloody lazy saturday today and i spent a solid hour reading the papers just now. wonder what's in store for the rest of today...

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