Thursday, March 04, 2004

Drink Drink Drink

just woken up. i think this blogging thing has still gotten me hooked. i blog an average of 3.4 times a day (thats 27 blogs in 8 days) while everyone blogs at most 1-2 blogs a day man haha. but as joe said, its MY blog and I can do whatever I feel like. who cares what anyone else says.

last night we had an early drinking session in my room. there was joe mark john and keeheng. we mostly talked about fyp and stared at my bright fish tank under the yellow glow of my ikea spotlight. afterthat joe mark and myself went to src for a swim yet again.

its a bad idea to swim when you've had a couple of beers. swimming a single lap feels like running up 30 floors. i don't think i ever panted so much so quickly before. when i go drift around the pool with my face above the water and my ears submerged, i can hear my heartbeat loud and fast like tribal drums. and the water feels alot warmer (without peeing) too.

i think i've been drinking too much lately. on average i cheong or drink at least one or twice a week and the alcohol intake is substantial (unlike mark who drinks 10% of a can of beer and leaves the rest to turn warm) enough for me to get high (i'm not an awfully good drinker so that's not saying much). i hope this habit won't affect my liver so i gotta try to exercise regularly (that's where the swimming comes in). i miss those soccer-in-the-commhall days. these days the only time i exercise are the swims i have at src. oh and i did 4 pull-ups on my own!!! a 100% improvement on my previous trial! and with joe's help i managed 8!!! (that's banking on the money liaoz!) hope to improve to 10 over the next 2 weeks.

will keep this blog posted of my progress.

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