Thursday, March 25, 2004

village bicycle

does anyone know what a village bicycle is? haha.

anyway we just had a huge feast at extension. myself mark leon lincoln guoxin and zix. 2 whole chickens, 1 vegetable dish, 1 egg dish, 3 char kway teows and 2 bowls of rice each. one bloody huge feast alright.

nuahed the whole of today. no work done. did my laundry and vacuumed my floor. packed up my messy room.

last night's mambo trip wasn't very specacular. alot of dirnks (abit too much perhaps). alot of people were damn bloody high, chun, steven, hongwei, xiuwen...haiz jialatz. anyway its really probably the last trip till after the exams lah, really need to lay off partying for awhile liaoz. gives me alot of headache and heartache.

must get down to doing work tommorrow.

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