Friday, March 26, 2004


still no mood to do any work today. i woke early to go to school to meet my ens project mates. had wanted to stay in school to plough through my endless fyp/ens presentation but i think i lost the mood after i had duck porridge for lunch in can a. had this bloody strong urge to come back and nuah.

back in my room now with no mood to do anything. probably will just nuah around for the rest of today, tend to my fish tank or something, then i might find some mugging inspiration somewhere along the way.

went for a therapeutic swim with joe last night and no, we didn't get caught. swim was very good, i think we spent more time rubbishing about lotsa things under the sky than swim. somehow the water was really warm and yet i found myself shivering alot. weird. i swam 10 laps of the breath i think. was hardly a workout, but still better than nothing.

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