Saturday, March 27, 2004

Nuahster II

this is the third day in a row that i've not done any work for my fyp/ens/malay/any academic liaoz. terrible. better start by erm...monday?

anyway nuahed the whole of today away. spent most of it sleeping, dunno why i've been so tired lately. might be falling sick. legs ache like hell from yesterday's run. went back home only in the evening.

attempted to explain soccer's offside rule to val.

gave up on my first attempt. i dunno what's wrong with girls and football. it's been lidat all my life when i try to explain it to the clueless gender. girls in general can't understand the offside rule no matter how hard guys try to explain. i've seen grown men sweat over not being able to get through to their female counterparts over that silly rule. its the same as girls not understanding what's so entertaining about 23 men running themselves silly all around a field chasing one silly ball.

trying to explain the rule is like explaining to kids where they came from, there's the initial erms and umms (as you try to think of an easy way to get out of it) then you make one feeble attempt without getting too complicated, they look lost, and then you give up and quickly change the topic(wow! that car/girl/dress/fish looks damn chio hor?!) hoping they stop asking why lidat, but then why lidat #2 and followed by why lidat #3. tough.

then again maybe i'm just lousy at explaining stuff.

well to the clueless who REALLY wanna know the offside rule, click here. .

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