Sunday, March 07, 2004

ChinaBlack Part Deux

i can't believe i ended up in chinablack for the 2nd night in three days. this time it was jinde who wanted to go, so i brought him there. we had intended to go watch soccer but apparently the candy girl asked him to go there to chill so i accomodated...before that he had to go back to my place to change into my bro's jeans since he was wearing shorts.

it's free entry on saturday nights and drinks are at $3 a glass and $10 a jug. dirt cheap. the crowd was abit too young for my liking (very army) and music was hip-hop/r&b (which i'm not really into). so we had a jug of vodka 7-up and a mug of tiger each and stood at a table by the side of the dancefloor almost the entire time. we were there watching the young things go by. and since we're both attached there wasn't much interest in picking any nubiles (there weren't that many anyway), so gyrating to the music was the order of the's jinde's first time to the club and i think he enjoyed tonight quite abit.

we left the club around 1+ and adjorned to simpang bedok for supper with the candy girl. nice of her to meet up with us so late. i was really hungry and actually managed a whole chicken pita kebab and two otahs while jinde just had a roti john (which he didn't even finish). we talked quite alot, among which i still couldn't help insulting her boyfriend (as always) and can't believe that she not only said i'm gonna end up marrying late (hmph), and that i'm a lousier boyfriend than she's a lousy girlfriend (the cheek!)! we left around 0345 lidat, walked her back before taking the taxi back in opposite directions. abit late i must say. but eventful nonetheless since i managed to catch up with two good buds in one single night (killed two birds with one stone).

dunno how the hell i'm gonna wake up tomorrow though.

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