Monday, March 15, 2004

Dreadful Display

we lost. 3-1 to some crap team. we should've won, but we lost. dog shite.

we played like crap and STILL should've won, but we lost. main culprits were myself and zhikun. geez i played so badly i think i would've missed a whole barn if i were kicking a ball 5m from it. i missed at least 5 glaring good chances, 2 one-on-one chances, hit the post once, AND almost scored a dumb own goal by kicking a ball into my face. THAT's how bad i was. zhikun also missed a host of chances, but at least he got himself on the scoring sheet.

i played so badly i didn't even have the heart to shout much today. the whole team sucked in general, with only john's commendable defending to show for. we were all really out of sorts lah. all i did was glare at people this time instead of shouting at them, which technically is a lousier thing to do than shouting since it shows i don't care anymore. each lousy play i'd let out a pretty loud 'tsk!' and that was it. what a piss face i was. hope none of them take it to heart, i know its quite demoralising when a senoir does so. i dunno how the freshmen are gonna do without us next year man, their play was sometimes so horrendous as a team that i would rather go watch some ballet performance. ack! duno how the twins even made it into the team man. haha. okie shan't be mean.

anyway like i said the other team sucked so bad that we could've beaten them if we took at least two or three more of our million chances. we were dominating them and could've done so further but we let them into the game and our lousy defending once again gave away a few easy goals. normally we'd conceded quite alot of goals but we'd make up for it by scoring a few to lower the deficit or, like last week's game, actually win. argh. xianz. kie lah we have to move on anyway. final game's on thursday against hall 10. we're gonna get slaughtered if we play like today.

should've just gone for malay instead. wonder how i did for my quiz.

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