Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Ramble Rumble

geez, i'm still stuck in the mpe cad/cam lab looking for material for my engineers and society biomedical technology presentation. just spoke to angela on icq. that poor girl's going through pure hell with her thesis and all in the uni, what with missed deadlines and lack of time and all that. she sounds really terrible i felt quite helpless for all i could do was read whatever she typed. i hope she remains strong and tryta pull through of all this. afterall, time's gotta funny way of ironing out the obstacles that we face throughout life. things will surely turn out fine. which reminds me of my own fyp. i don't really know how to describe its current status, but as anyone can tell i'm not really bothered by it at the moment. mentally given up on it? i sure hope not.

waiting for malay class at 530. i missed yesterday's class because i had to go down to aceglobal. hopefully he doesn't pick on me today. hope he comes late, cos all my notes with chun who took it to copy what she missed last wednesday.

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