Thursday, March 18, 2004

A Friend In Need

i dunno what to say really. i feel as though i'm just blogging for the sake of blogging.

last night was mambo wednesday at zouk.we drank tons. and i mean tons (i had 3 flamers and 1 sex on the beach). and yet i was okie. Mark got really pissed out, so i was with him outside most of the time. i made a cameo at the dancefloor for like what, 3 songs? it wasn't so bad until i realised i didn't have a lighter with me, my handphone died, AND i forgot to exchange BOTH my drink coupons. dog shite. but oh well, what's all that to help a friend in need eh? he's pretty okie this morning, i hope the good cry and perpetual vomitting did him some good. sometimes it takes a really good alcoholic piss-off just to unearth all the bad thoughts in a man and cleanse him of his ugly thoughts. hope last night helped.

the night before we had a steamboat outside lichun's room. quite alot of us. but once again the numbers always wittle when the food's about to finish and we gotta start cleaning up. wasn't exactly filling or anything but wasa nice little gathering especially for the old lot (that's me chun lian and leon...erm yup thats it.) i remember we used to do this like early last year too when the girls first had their single rooms. mulian's talking about a graduation trip. so we were thinking of doing hte road trip we did back last year (where chun fiona me and leon rented a car and drove to malacca and then drove the coast to port dickson then sepang then KLAA then cyberjaya putrajaya then kl then batu caves. adventures, thrills, shocks and basically fun you name it we lived it...and all captured in a videocam which we cannot find the tape!) but this time we go east like desaru mersing and kuantan instead. sounds awfully fun and can look forward to, but its just an idea lah. i'll update if things get concrete.

still slogging with fyp and shite. xianz. everyone's like done with their fyp but me man. haiz.

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