Thursday, March 04, 2004

On A Lighter Note...

i decide to start a brand new blog just so the mood of the previous blog wouldn't affect what i'm writing now. i was actually quite happy before i wrote that blog, so maybe i'll share abit of that cheer.

my fyp has turned in another fabulous breakthrough! yay! now i can REALLY do my experiments proper. both my sups (one's the in-charge who's damn bloody bo-chup while the other is the thermal division head who's super xiao-onz) came down to check on the overall set-up of my experiment and how i conduct it, citing that i could've made mistakes in the procedures hence causing the results to fluctuate so much. BUT NOOOOOO....they could find none! *yippee* then the more passive and definitely more good-looking sup highlighted that my results should reflect the trendlines of these fluctutations and when we added that, wah-lah! an instant straight line! hooray! so they concluded that i will continue my experiments as such and present the trendlines of the data i get. hip hip hooray!! can start doing my experiment properly liaoz! so so happeee, like the birds in the trees, the flutter of the bees, makes me go wheeeee.......haha. okie, that's silly.

okie okie it's back to the lab to work. time is of the essence.

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