Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Sweltering Wednesday

wah its damn bloody warm in the room. feels just like an oven and yet i'm still studying here. just finished going through building services engineering. its tougher than i thought. shite.

the target for the rest of today is to go through all three portions of clean tech once more and practice on the 3rd portions calculations. not a very easy task if you'd asked me, but still will have to try. hope i don't fall asleep on the way.

watched the monaco chelsea champions league first leg played at monaco's homeground, stade louis II. ranieri really made a big mistake trying to go for the win when zikos got red carded. i mean by shifting formation to a three-man attack of crespo gudjohnson and hasselbaink what was he thinking man. obviously monaco would sit back with a lone striker waiting to pounce lor and thats what morientes and afterward nonda did. serves the tinkerman right. anyway monaco did look like the stronger team lah. i think stamford bridge will be a stalemate. monaco's got a foot in the finals liao.

oh and man u won at home against charlton. i hope chelsea stumble futher. then man u will go up to second place.

in nba updates, denver's already down 0-2 to the timberwolves :( knicks are down 0-2 to the nets :( penny's 5-of-16 from the field in today's game. haiz. its all going downhill.

oh by the way i might be extending my holiday in the states for a few more weeks *yippee* cuz our work visa ends only on the 18th of sept so the additional one month holiday period is added on meaning i get to stay till 18th oct latest (though i probably won't max out that stay). so probably just hang around till the dough runs out. not to mention that i'll be paid an ultra-grand sum of US$86.54 a week. wah. minimum wage never looked so pathetic before, but who am i to complain?

spoke to darrell on icq. his stint in the usa is ending mid-july leh, shite. but he wants to come chicago to meet me when i get there so thats a good thing. his only piece of advice for me so far:

eh really be prepared siah b4 u come, and i mean mentally and emotionally; physically not that bad becos summer already but the culture shock is quite chialat - and try to brush up your spoken proper english

hmm, as far as i can recall i think i speak pretty articulately (eugenia's mother said that of me once! *double yippee*) and even further as i can recall, darrell's proper english = singlish peppered with hokkien vulgarities. i think its him from whom the bulk of my exciting expletive vocabulary originated anyway.

CHEEBAI!!! articulate siboh mr. lum? nvm come here see den see wat u say!!!

hmm. kinda miss him in a weird way.

kie back to work.

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