Sunday, April 18, 2004

A Mcdonald's Sunday

woke up around 10+ this morning and quickly shipped myself out of school without intention of where to go to study. wanted to go where the wind took me. haha. so i took a cab to the boon lay market mcdonald's and planted myself there till evening.

nothing much to highlight though. pretty boring day. i spent the first two hours reading the sunday times as i had brunch, then studied a brief moment before going out to buy the newpaper. spent another half hour reading that. then studied a while more before pciking up the sundays times to skim through again. kk calls asking me to go play soccer. super tempted finally decided agaisnt it (so proud of myself) went out for a walk. got conned by this posb auntie to listen to her fixed deposit investment pitch, not that i really minded though. then went back to study a short while and came out after awhile to go to the ntuc singaporepools nearby to place some bets. went back to study for awhile more. read straits times for the thrid time. subsequently spent half an hour writing a journal entry. then went to ntuc again this time to shop for groceries. came back barely studied, realised i'd hit my target of what i set out ot study for the day (must've just skimmed through everything) then got nuah so bought dinner back to eat while watching some sunday chinese drama on channel u.

yup and that was my day.

what a boring blog. here's something to make up for it. living in the east rules!!!

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