Thursday, April 29, 2004

M451: Building Services Engineering

its surreal.

and yet like a dream.

in the last 3hrs i just went through perhaps the luckiest moments of brilliance i could have conjured. just. fucking. incredible.

i woke at 930 this morning thinking my m451 paper was an afternoon paper. somehow i had this hunch that i ought to double check my exams schedule and see what time the paper was and where it was. call it instinct maybe, but yeah, so i went to check.

TIME: 930AM-12PM
SEAT NO: 123

eeks. morning paper. fuck.

hmm, surprisingly i seemed really cool about it at first, maybe the repercussions of missing the paper didn't dawn on me, then suddenly. aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! morning paper! haha.

i was abit lost, quickly flipped through the notes i had prepared to memorize last night, tore into my jeans, grabbed pencil-case and wallet wore a cap and rushed out. no waterbottle, never lock door, wore shoes without socks, never wash up, hair the height of a full-blown afro, out to take paper just like that. i think i must have stunk up the whole exam hall with my manly musk.

when i reached it was 9.45am on the exam hall clock. 15min late. so dead. checked if i brought everything. matric card. checked. pencil-case. checked. my lucky ass. checked.

hmm. the paper turned out to be okie. not too hard, though not too easy either. hopefully the methods that i practiced were correct (i didn't have any model answers so i practiced thinking i was always correct!)

so lucky. in fact i even finished the paper early. even had time to discuss with prof wong (who invigilated beside me and kept giving me sneaky smiles) if i may hand in his copy of my fyp report next week instead, and in black and white (he was damn cool about it!) somehow i didn't dare to leave until someone else did, perpetually checking if i missed out on any questions. so when the first person stood up to leave i immediately followed suit. time i left the exam hall? 1135am.

not bad at all for a lucky sod like me. phew!

i sure wouldn't trade even a big win at singapore pools for that lucky moment when i decided to check my exam schedule man! wah lao.

next paper is engineers and society on tuesday. its DEFINITELY an afternoon paper.

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