Tuesday, April 13, 2004

D-Day Minus 3

the countdown has begun. friday is the day my fyp burdens and worries will be over (surely it can't extend beyond that!). so i'm in the com lab once more slogging my ass off to get the report right. i thought it was going okay until my sup called me this morning citing that the way i presented my results were not what he wanted, and he wants me to see him later at 2pm. xianz. besides that i still have to make a major tweak to my literature review as well as prepare chapter 8, the final chapter on conclusion and recommendations. then finally i still have to compile everything. i've set the target of finishing everything by tomorrow night so that i can print a copy for my sup on thursday before printing the final copy for the moderator on friday. haiz. hopefully that can be achieved.

so i'd better not be wasting too much time blogging.

last night we celebrated leon's birthday. had quite a few of us including the freshies below. cake was huge. sang song, cut cake then eat. i remembered lichun said before the birthday boy shouldn't be the one cutting the cake on his birthday and that somewhat else ought ot do it (i'm still unsure if that should be the case) anyhow when i saw leon the poor sod looking like he was about to cut his own cake for everyone (while i was having a great time spanking him like a hogtied bitch!), it dawned on me how sorry it'd look if the birthday boy has gotta cut cake for everyone while everyone else just stared listlessly at him waiting to be served! i mean its HIS birthday lor. at most he should just serve the cake, not cut AND serve! so i told him i'd do it (whereby which he happily relinquished the knife), then i stood there awhile deciding how to cut it, and subsequently told lichun (the irony!) to cut it instead. whahahahaha. well at least she did a better job than i could've done. bleah. had a nice chat with roy and leon outside our rooms prior to that. been a long time since we talked so long...which by the way killed off whatever lingering urgency i had with my fyp (i never touched it for the rest of the night). shite.

on the way to school just now i bumped into howren. hmm, i dunno what's happened to both of us. we used to be really quite close, its probably my fault since i don't have to rely on him for my studies anymore. haiz. now we hardly see each other (since i don't go for classes this semester). so guilty. since year one, this was the main man - there were of course steven and thomas but howren was really trully the MAIN MAN, who stood by me even when i asked the dumbest (and i mean DUMBEST) of fundamental engineering questions. he was there whenever i needed him, sometimes even coming all the way to my room in 44 to explain shite to me, going through great lengths to get an idea or a concept into my thick skull (it was real thick mind you) and forever the messenger who harboured the latest updates in lectures and tutorials. haiz. those were the good ol'days when he'd explain once, slap his forehead, explain again, release huge (and loud) sigh (the i-give-up kind), and explain once more till i got it. haha. geez did i feel useless during those exam periods or what? academically i was never of as much help to him as he was to me thats for sure. so what ever honours (hopefully got lah) i end up with, its all because of him, my main man. so howren, if you're reading this, i thank you once again for all that you've done for me. i'll be too paiseh to acknowledge that i've written any of this if we do meet up so just erm, pretend pretend nothing's happened yeah?

*sentimental* sigh.

well on a happier note, the nuggets are in the playoffs! i really didn't expect them to beat the kings (they're still challenging to be first seed in the playoffs) hopefully it'll not all have ended by the time i reach the states. really wanna catch an nba game there, so its hopefully knicks, nuggets or new jersey who'll go far (i dowan to watch LA!).

just remembered i won't be going for my convocation. hmm. wonder if i still should buy a convo gown anyway. can go take graduation pictures when i come back? $38 isn't too expensive for a piece of academia memory innit?

did i mention that i'd better not be wasting too much time blogging?

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