Wednesday, April 14, 2004


hmm. i'm in deep shite with my fyp but i really have to blog about this before i forget.

there was a super blackout just now!!! not just the block, not just the hall, not just ntu, but the whole west of singapore!!! so cool!!!

it all began just as i was taking a break from my killer fyp, there was a slight flicker to warn us all, and then whoosh. no lights anywhere except for a lamp or two at the corridor. no lights on the streets. no lights in nanyang heights opposite our block. soon enough everyone started spilling out of their rooms and the whole block started getting very noisy, everyone shouting here and there. people started gathering at different places. alot of them outside my room, weide and norman's room also another huge troop..then start to bond.

haha. its a funny thing that it takes a blackout to flush everyone out of their rooms. bonding was fun. just sat around talking rubbish and playing silly games (name people in hall 8, anyone?) telling qian bian wen da ti and talking cock. such fun.

whole thing lasted about 20min. once the lights came on everyone rushed back to hide in their rooms. haiz how sad. haha. was hoping the blackout would've lasted a tad longer.

so where were you when the west of singapore blacked out?

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