Saturday, April 10, 2004

Lost In Translation

warning: the contents of this blog is extremely dry and boring!

haiz. gosh i've been feeling quite lost eversince i got my campusa placement. its not in the bad way, but in the distractive sense. i haven't been able to concentrate much on schoolwork, mostly just going through the motions with my fyp, haven't even begun studying for my 5 examinable modules yet though technically only 2/5 require more than a day's worth of mugging.

day and night i'm thinking about the trip. geez i don't think i've been this excited to go on an overseas trip since i went on my first trip to new zealand at the age of 7. i remember vividly that i couldn't sleep two days before we flew off. what painful fun such excitement.

this is the essence of what i got from my camp director just yesterday:

Chee Yong,

This summer we will only have two international counselors. The other one is
still in the process of being hired, so I don't have contact information for him
yet. He is from Colombia, and I believe he will be attending the same ICCP
orientation as you when you arrive in the US. We will also have some
international staff working in our kitchen, but they are all staff who are
already here in the US on the ICCP 18-month Trainee Program. You will have to wait to meet them until you arrive at our site.

Michelle Schibonski
Program Coordinator
Camp Chief Ouray
Granby, Colorado, USA

wow. yup, that confirms it. the only asian in camp. luckily and thankfully, a non-muslim one at that. now who's gonna be the cheenapok? hopefully i won't be racially-abused/discriminated/marginalised over there. somehow at the back of my mind there is a certain fear that its inevitable that i'll encounter such treatment over there and that i'll have to beef up my threshold of tolerance and understanding. i hope i'll be proved wrong. can't wait to tell everyone there that singapore's really not in the mid-western region of china.

the other issue at hand is how i'm gonna get there. an open flight ticket to chicago by JAL costs a bleeding SGD$1680 (i only budgeted $1000 for the plane ticket)! goodness gracious. today another email told me of one by Korean Airways going at SGD$1280, which is a whole lot more reasonable, but tix have to be booked asap and arrival and departure date must be finalised which sucks because i still dunno when i'm comng back. alternatively, there's this other incredulous suggestion of taking a flight to new york and then travel to chicago by greyhound (that's bus). to the ill-informed, chicago is like so bloody far from new york that the bus ride is a piles-inducing 19hrs! wah lao every last nerve in my ass will be dead by the time i even get to the first rest point. and yet this warped side of me says that travelling by greyhound might be nice because i'd get to see alot of scenary on the road. hmm. okie the last option is to fly into new york a day early, and then go to chicago via one of em budget carriers. but i haven't checked out the prices and stuff though, so that's still a kiv option.

the financial bright side about going for this campusa thingy is that i'll be paid working there. according to the website (as much as camp chief ouray is a non-profit organisation), i'll be earning USD$155 a week inclusive of food and lodging there which works up to about USD$1800 by the end of my stint. so that'll pay off the plane tix and admin fees to aceglobal, and still leave some for travel. yay.

which, in a really weird way, leads me to this fantastic dream i had a few days back where i save the life of this young boy who was under my care and supervision during camp. in gratitude, he tells his super-duper rich daddy of my heroics, who in turn thanks me by offering me a super-duper lobo job in his company over there that allows me to travel lots as well as pays me tons. haha.

my fyp's due next friday. i'm still struggling with the graphs of the actuating plate. hopefully i'll be able to finish it up and send it to prof chan by tonight (luckily i did alot of it yesterday) and make the corrections to my draft tomorrow so that by monday i can begin to study abit of my clean tech and building engineering modules. also hope prof chan returns me the rest of my draft by monday. gotta start compiling the report liaoz. its all go-thru-motion shit. i hate it. thank god this sem has been a light one.

taking ippt with lincoln on the 17th of may. hope it won't be too rush.

some poor guy who's gotten a placement for the campusa program just broke his leg and has to pull out of the program. poor sod. i'd be crushed if that happens to me. hope i'll stay injury-free.

joe's also going for campusa. his camp is a special needs camp way up there in vermont. so he's heading straight to new york for his orientation. lucky sod. leaving on the 15th of june, almost three weeks after i fly off. and yet he'll be ending camp a week earlier. i think my camp duration's one of the longest i've seen so far, a solid 12 weeks in the rocky mountains! chances are we'll be travelling alot of the one month holiday together. so gotta start planning for our holiday. though i got a feeling we'll be peddling a friend or two from camp along as well. go joe!

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