Friday, April 23, 2004

M491 Clean Techonology & the Environment

wah i almost gave up last night. was already considering going to sao to find out what procedures to go through should i flunk a paper. its meraculous how doable i felt the paper was considering my lousy pathetic memory. won't get A lah but should confirm pass bah. the silly thing was that our lecturer was going around telling people some of the answers. wah lao i mean how can, its unfair right? i mean....what if i didn't benefit from that, i'd feel so shortchanged like boon tat and chang he were feeling lor *damn bitchy*.


haha, we were supposed to draw this evacuation zone on a map provided. its a 25mark question and it was tough to solve but if you knew the rough shape then it would've been easy to work from there. and i think alot of people didn't know what the shape of the zone was (neither did i). then enter this silly mat-yo-yo sitting behind me (wah lao so degrading that he's taking this tough module with the rest of us) who probably drew the shape of his ass on the map that so infuriated our lecturer that he told him off (in a soft whisper of course! "how can u draw like that? did you study?") and then went on the tell him what shape it should be!!! wah lao. the moment he said that, EVERYONE around me skipped directly back to that question and changed their answers!!! wah lao, benefit or what? and some people complain the mats are marginalised, this is blatent concession lor!!!!

anyway boon tat told me our lecturer was an mp for choa chu kang! wah i didn't know (anyone can recognise?). and he was retiring to go into politics soon, so cannot anyhow fail people else wait those living in cck in his classes don't vote for hiim then he know...

yay. happy.

next up is malay tomorrow. haiz xianz. dunno why i put myself through all this. heard from jingfen 451 building services next thursday is very tough. haven't looked through it yet but if she says its tough, then its gotta be tough. hope she found the clean tech paper okie too, considering the amount of last minute help she provided (even printed extra notes and sent a long email of tips!) i really hope she does well. looks like i gotta look for her again for 451. what a leech.

okie a short break and saya akan pergi ke belajar behasa melayu.

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