Saturday, April 17, 2004

D-Day +1

hmm. could have sworn i posted a blog on d-day. funny its vanished into thin air.

anyway d-day's come and gone. handed in my fyp liao. i don't feel particularly esctatic, overjoyed or anything if anyone's wondering, though i thought i'd be. but the moment i handed the two binded copies of my fyp (cost me almost $100!) to my sup, all i felt was relief and abit of emptiness. maybe even nonchalent. and ever since then i've been catching up with my sleep as well as nuahing my life away. i think until it dawns upon me that my exams are exactly 6 days away (and i havent even begun introducing myself to the modules i've taken yet) will i get stressed again. but i guess the stress of fyp is incomparable lah. i havent been that stressed out for quite a while liaoz.

went swimmming with joe and lincoln after rejecting them both for the last 3 days (the fitness freak is undeniably persistent). the water's the warmest i've ever swum in and the chlorine level feels unusually high today. feels like i was swimming in somebody's pee. hmm. still it was a good to relax again.

gotta thank everyone for the continuous flow of words of encouragement the past few horrible days. always nice to know that people out there still care.

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