Monday, April 19, 2004

Lousy Monday

geez. i dunno how i managed to sleep till now, but yeah i just woke up after 'resting' on my bed at 630. shite. what a lousy monday its been man...i havent accomplished a single shite at all.

was studying in the library this afternoon with joe john anson mark. i think its the most unproductve study session i've had since i ever begun this semester. wait, then again it was only the second study session. but still, it was pathetic. like only did part 1(a) of a past year paper after reading papers/ surfing net and then it was tea break liaoz. that was like my total work output wintin a bloody 4hr window. terrible.

my papers are not as simple as i make them out to be, thats for certain. my clean tech & environment this coming friday is pretty hard and i can't seem to understand/memorize alot of concepts. i haven't even begun on building & services engineering next thursday. haiz. bloody slack semester. hope i don't dabao man. shoot.

once again, i still dunno how i slept till this late...

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