Sunday, April 04, 2004

Pig Trotters For Dinner Anyone?

lousy day of work work and more fyp work. horse shite.

the highlight was shengyong bringing the rest of us to the hawker centre at jurong spring near jjc there. its my first time there and they supposedly had lotsa good food. then again its kinda dubious when shengyong says there's good food since you'd think anything edible looked good to him going by his size. anyway we took mark's car out, me guoxin keeheng mark in a car, shengyong and his friends in another.

the pig trotters soup he asked us to try (sure orgase wan!) was indeed quite good. i mean i've never (yes never) eaten pig's trotters before so when i say its good, its gotta be bloody good. anyway its served in a claypot and looks to have been stewed with soy sauce and lotsa herbs. the soup was more like thick sauce that you'd put in your rice rather than the drinkable stuff (its too salty to be drunk alone anyway). the pig's trotter or leg (couldn't make out which part of the leg though, but the part i was served sure didn't look like it was previously used by the swine for walking!)was quite scrumptuous. lotsa meat though less the fat, wonder where uncle swine-killer finds these pigs with meaty legs. guoxin mark and i also shared a bowl of pig's everything soup (zhu zha tang) haha. all that topped with sugarcane juice. and what good meal that was.

then we also went to the nearby fruit stalls to buy fruits. guoxin and keeheng bought tons of mangoes. i got myself some pears and plums. cheap stuff.

been working on my fyp all day. its damn bloody xianz and yet its gotta be done. i think i'll haveta slog for at least another week and a half minimum. pissin' shite. okie its back to work again...

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