Thursday, April 08, 2004

Going To America!!!

yay! i've finally gotten my placement for campusa by aceglobal! such a long wait! i've been posted to this ymca camp in granby,colorado called camp chief ouray. as a camp counsellor. it's a christian camp so i'm sure there'll be nicer than average kids there (no middle finger for you there young lady) wheee.... so happy and excited. it's an 11/2hr drive to denver (home of the nuggets and broncos) and it's at the foot of the rocky mountains. there's a ski resort 2hrs away and the camps got like tons and tons of activities. working hours are abit xiong though, but not clear about the details. i'm the only asian attending the camp as far as i know (go asian dragon!) and will be flying into chicago first for yet another orientation workshop before camp (yay, windy city, must take photo with michael jordan statue and catch a bulls game if possible) *wheeze...need to catch my breath* geez really can't wait. i can't concentrate on anything else at present and constantly surfing around to find out more about the place (expected temp: 4C ~ 15C). will be leaving on the 25th of may (awfully rushed) and camp will end on the 26th of august, following which i got a month's holiday visa extension which i'll probably max out. hope the nuggets make the playoffs, then can go see newest nba phenom, 'melo! aaaaahhhhh........where to go, where to go, where to go??!! argh. better try to put all this at the back of my head first and concentrate on my fyp and the impending exams though... wah but very hard siah....

very rushed schedule right after the exams. have to settle clearance from ntu, have to move out of hall, have got fyp presentation to prepare, have to go for iccp orientation to prep for camp, have to do visa application and criminal record clearance before camp, have to plan for how i'm gonna meet up with anyone there (darrell and merv the perv), have to go for biannual brps 6A'91 gathering on the 14th, have to go for ippt and get at least a silver, have to say goodbye to everyone in the hall!!! so much to do so little time!!! in between must go cheong!!! haha.

okie cool down.

*deep breath*

fyp sucks.

studying for exams soon.

the champions league is going all topsy-turvy. chelsea upsets arsenal, a french team in the semis (monaco) at the expense of real madrid? deportivo trounces milan 4-0 (how's that possible?) at the riazor? only porto's entry isnt that much of a surprise, they're the only team to have won the champion's league before which was in '87, and they faced a pathetic opponent in lyon (still not that bad). looks like there're be a new champ this year. my money's on depor.

talked to zuguang last night. said he confirm getting 3rd class. xianz. seems quite bothered about it, he. i told him i'll probably get that too. doesn't bother me much though there's a chance for me to get 2nd lower but its still a long shot, what more with the lousy fyp. whatever it is, i can't wait to clear my exams and be rid of fyp!!!

okie gonna TRY to concentrate on my fyp for the rest of today. due end of next week.

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