Friday, April 02, 2004


whoopee, presentation's over liaoz. so happee!!! and it went quite well, i mean well enough that our tutor mentioned me as best speaker for my group! whoopeeeee!!! in his words, i was "calm, eloquent and convincing" ! wow. my head's bloating liaoz. calm, eloquent and convincing...calm, eloquent and convincing...calm, eloquent and convincing...calm, eloquent and convincing...calm, eloquent and convincing...calm, eloquent and convincing...calm, eloquent and convincing...calm, eloquent and convincing...lalala

nonetheless was still bloody gan jiong prior to the presentation.

i think engineers really cannot do presentations. i mean engineers in general. they're really bad. i almost slept through ALL the presentations after my own presentation (relief does make one sleepy) and probably the only reason why i didn't fall asleep for the presentations before that was because i was too gan jiong. everyone made the mistake of having full sentences and (too many of them mind you) tons of useless statistics on each slide and the most tedious and horrible presentors were those who actually read the slides word for word. argh. wonder why the tutor didn't stop them. such agony. some others presented as though they were trying to themselves by boring themselves to sleep. now waidaminit, presenting really isn't easy and its obvious that almost everyone who went up was super nervous, but i think the tutor should have done more to help the rest of us through the tedious and lousy speakers....bleah. hmm i guess presentations are just about the only things that business students really have an edge over us. ha. then again just like john pang says, perception of the individual is everything to the third party, and presentation is the key to that perception. double bleah.

haha okie i shan't mention so much considering how nervous i was last night. practiced my speech more than 10 times and then some more this morning. i tried writing handnotes but that didn't work out so i presented with nothing. i trimmed my presentation from 11minutes down to 7minutes, though i think i took much longer than that during the actual presentation...i suppose my presentation only sounded good compared to the lousy speakers in the class lah. i mean there were other good speakers too (though few and far between haha). still it felt good knowing i didn't throw my face onto the floor like the last time.

lotsa thanks to val and chun for their help and advice through all this.

okie so now that this hurdle over and done with, i've only got my fyp (in 2 weeks) and exams (in 3 weeks) to focus on. my tutor called me up this morning at (my god) 830am to tell me that he had vetted through the first 5 chapters of my report and that they were okie. so i told him i'll try to complete the rest of it by monday and send it all to him while finishing up the actuation experiments by next week. it feels good to be in control of my fyp after such a long time. i knew that should've signalled the beginning of a good day...

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