Monday, April 05, 2004


great. my room fan broke down around 9am this morning. xianz spent the next hour or so sweatily rolling around, couldn't sleep well anymore. should've suspected something was up when it began squeaking alot louder the last coupla days. went to find marcus liaoz, he says he'll get it fixed for me pronto. hope he remembers. our two favourite senior cleaning aunties were also in the hall office reading the papers. super friendly, them both, one asked me if i were a biker kid (what with my cap on et al) while the other teased me about having alot of "friends" dangling on my bag (pink flamingo and big bunny). i told them no i wasn't a biker kid *roll eyes* and i talk to my "friends" in class, sending them into uncontrollable conservative-female-cover-the-mouth giggling spasms. hmm its quite weird to see those old aunties act that way. left the office immediately afterthat.

last night went swimming for the 3rd consecutive night with joe lincoln and guoxin. the thing about last night was that there was a mist above the water that was quite visible and the air smelled of burnt incense. hmm, one of us then remembered it was qing ming. the eerie setting reminded me of those hongkee b-grade ghost stories like gui la jiao (ghost pull leg), haha. but no big deal, we still swam and had fun.

also finally finished the results and analysis chapter of my fyp (the toughest chapter). took the whole of yesterday to get that done. xianz. but at least that's over and done with, now to see what my sup has to say. hopefully he won't be asking me to redo it, haha. will be slogging in the lab again today to do some last minute experiements that i can hopefully ass to my report.

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