Tuesday, April 06, 2004


hmm. okie i saw our two favourite (seeing too much of them lately) cleaning aunties again today. this time they woke me up from my sleep around 10am. i heard them chattering outside my room earlier but didn't realise i was the one they were looking for. when i opened the door the biker auntie (let's call her that - she's the fatter and obviously stronger one) was carrying a ladder while the friend-ly auntie (the skinnier one who called the stuff on my bag "friends") looked on. they said they were sent by ashley to clean my fan because yesterday they realised how dirty my fan was while the keppel people were fixing it. i half-suspect it was lim choon seng who told ashley about the noisy fan after his visit to my room some time back but that didn't matter anyway. so auntie was laying out the ladder all set to climb so high up (i mean she wasn't very tall) to clean my fan, then i thought it was quite terrible of her to have to clean it while i looked on, so i told her to stop what she was doing and let me do it instead. biker auntie looked quite happy with that suggestion, so i went about force-cleaning my own fan, which didnt take much effort (i only need to step on the first rung of the ladder) while entertaining those two lovely ladies...

(in chinese)
biker auntie: your fan so dirty thats why we gotta help you clean it...
me: aiyah i'm gonna move out soon mah...
friend-ly auntie: *teases* haiyoh you don't clean wait the fan spin the dust will fly into your mouth when you sleep!
me: *roll eyes* haha erm, maybe lor but sleeping mah so i wouldn't know...
friend-ly auntie: *auntie giggle* haha so you must have had extra food while sleeping right?
biker auntie: *auntie giggle* yah! so when you wake up you must be very full!
me: erm, hmm *mumble mumble*
biker auntie: nah, change cloth. (takes fan-cleaning cloth from me)
me: orh

friend-ly auntie: wah your arm very long hor, easy to clean...
me: erm. yah.
biker auntie: yah! so long can reach so easily, else will be harder if either of us (gestures to them both) did it!
friend-ly auntie: the way you do it so easy and fast...
me: aiyah no sweat lah auntie...
biker auntie: *auntie giggle* yah lor...
biker auntie: nah, change cloth. (takes fan-cleaning cloth from me again)
me: orh

friend-ly auntie: your animals got misbehave anot?
me: *startled* huh? erm, what animals?
friend-ly auntie: haha, those on your curtains lah!
biker auntie: *auntie giggle*
me: *sigh, then roll eyes* oh haha erm, haha...
biker auntie: *auntie giggle again* very cute hor?
me: erm, ha, erm yah quite.
biker auntie: nah, change cloth. (takes fan-cleaning cloth from me once more)
me: orh

okie enough about our fav aunties.

yesterday was at the ministerial forum with guoxin yonghui and mark. dpm lee aka barry aka nelson (its a yonghui joke) was the guest speaker and he spoke of our hopes, fears and dreams. nothing really spectacular about what he said. gave us a political outlook and singapore's situation (something my dad's touched on a few times before liaoz) and told us to be more entrepreneurial and told us to make more babies (according to him 36000 babies + 6000-7000 more = 45000 babies, lousy math). nothing really impressive lah. the dialogue session was indeed a candid one. the cheenapoks (yonghui insists he invented this term) came up with the lousiest and most incomprehensible questions, dunno how they do that. most of the auditorium almost always let out a united disgruntled groan when yet another cheenapok took the mike. i mean which idiot in their right mind would come up with a childish question like whether the dpm thinks taiwan and china would go to war? some cheenapok phd candidate even suggested that a solution to the childbearing problem would be to import babies! geez and i thought the miss-singapore-universe contestants' answers were bad (one of them thought wong kan seng was a taiwanese), these questions were even worse.

anyway if you'd ask me, i'd just tell you that the only two things i learnt from the forum were

1) permanent residents and other foreign talents in singapore ARE being treated WELL.
citizens, on the other hand, are being treated WELL-PLUS.

such was the evasive nature of the dpm to say the word "BETTER". haiz. how diplomatic does he really want to be? but still, i predict the term WELL-PLUS will apeear in the next update of our nation's premier satirical website, talkingcock.com

2) a majority of singaporean couples do intend to get married and have X children.
however, the reality was that SOME couples eventually don't get married, while those who do end up having X-1 children.

how nice of the dpm to utilise algebra to help drill in the fact that we need more kids. well this is unfortunately true based on a recent article in our daily nation builder. most couples think an ideal number of children to have would be 2 or 3 but almost always end up having 1 or 2 respectively. hmm. i think from now on i will psycho myself to have 4 kids then.

okie. i've had enough of my blog for now. some people actually say i'm longwinded and my blogs are unentertaining. hmph. how impolite.
i'm off to the com lab for another exciting day of experimentation and playing of the exciting game - how-long-can-you-stare-at-the-computer-screen! hooray. i can't wait.

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