Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Hot Hot Tuesday (Cont'd)

okie so technically its wednesday liao but what the hey. today's studying feels somewhat productive yet somewhat useless. this is about the end of my 2hr break, i've finished running through the 2nd portion and 3rd portions of clean tech in the afternoon which was quite encouraging. but after dinner my attempt on the malay past year papers stopped at section 3/8, just couldn't continue with that. feels so useless to do it blindly. haiz. so took a 2hr break. gonna start reading my building services right after i finish this scrabble game, hang my clothes and then take my bath. i think i'll get it done so technically i've almost achieved the target i set upon myself this morning. funny that i don't feel very proud of myself though. i think i'm growing very cynical about all this exam crap. haiz glad this is my last sem (it better be!).

today part of the nicoll highway collapsed. yup. THAT nicoll highway. wasn't as big a news as i thought though there's alot of media coverage and i was glued to the tv all evening. my first impression upon hearing the news was that the bridge part had fallen into the water. but it wasn't that exciting lah, it turned out to be the portion just beside golden mile complex. like it sunk 10m or something due to an explosion in the circle line construction works. its a disaster nonetheless, claimed 1 poor indian construciton worker's life so far and 3 others injured. haiz.

makes me wonder when and where the first act of terrorism in singapore would occur. i mean its probably bound to happen, not like i'm cursing for it to happen but i think pragmatically speaking it'd be a miracle if we came out unscathed in this war against terrorism, not to mention that even osama's grandmother knows singapore is part of the coalition of the willing...i guess it all boils down to luck wherever and whenever you are when it happens and how it'll affect the very fabric of our being here. i guess in our tiny nation any successful act of terrorism would affect everyone. like the silkair plane crash lidat, where everyone knew someone who knew someone who had a relative or loved one who died on board. its as though two or three degrees lineage of friends was enough to link you to the disaster. haiz so we'd all better pray for a miracle and that nothing's gonna happen.

geez i think i sound pretty melancholic. better go get the laundry!

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