Tuesday, April 27, 2004

M141: HRM & Entrepreneurship

mmm, this post is a day late. my computer couldn't get onto the internet the whole day even though i could use icq and blubster. hmm. anyway, the paper sucked big time. so many theories and models were asked but i didn't study for any of them. in the end it was more of a case of answering every question based on my own rational and in my own words. haiz. so sucky to hear that everyone finds the paper damn bloody easy. well it would've been really easy if you read the articles for hrm lah. dog shite. haiyah, hopefully i wouldn't fail it, i don't think i've ever heard of anyone failing hrm before. maybe engineers and society, but no-siree-bob, not hrm alright. haiz.

was studying quite alot yesterday for thursday's building services. looks tough. gotta mug hard for this one and then it'll all be over. will still have ens on monday afterthat, but i don't think i wanna make the same mistake of underestimating the paper a la hrm again. shite.

i've roughly planned my holidaying route in the usa liaoz. it looks like the big dipper where i'll begin by touring denver alone then will go up to chicago again and then up to canada, probably visiting toronto, ottawa, montreal and quebec before entering the states again at boston then down to nyc, philly, DC and then maybe will fly down to orlando and go disneyworld! and then its back to chicago.

wonder if i'll have enough time and money for it though.

okie back to studies first.

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