Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Bloody Hot Day

whoa man its so damn hot today.

damn nuah today. hopefully can get down to studying later. tomorrow's my building services paper. been practicing the past years whole of yesterday. looks awfully repetitive, so hopefully tomorrow's paper won't be an exception. as long as the prof doesnt come up with any pattern i should be able to pass it.

still hope i won't be the first sorry sod who fails hrm man. argh.

downloaded bit torrent the day before. am gonna attempt to download as many tv shows and movies as i can before i leave ntu!!! already have season 15 of the simpsons! yay!

arsenal's won the league liaoz darn. i hope liverfool doesn't get that last champion's league spot. ought to go to newcastle.

nuggets are 1-3 down to the wolves and the knicks were swept in the first round. haiz. i don't think i'll be able to catch any nba action while in the states.

there's this exchange student from my block from toronto, canada and i've gotten his email addy so hopefully if i do get down to the home of the raptors i'll be able to meet up with him and he'd show me around. oh his name's arif and he's canadian indian. quite a nice guy. i think i ought to buy him some durians to try since he did mention to me when we met during block supper that he'd like to try them out. that way he'd remember what a nice guy i was and probably put in more effort to helping me around canada. as beth says, hopefully i don't get mugged or murdered there! ha.

mark's gotten his usa visa liaoz. will be going down with joe on monday to the united states embassy to get ours done. hopefully will be a breeze. after tomorrow's paper, planning for the trip and packing to move out of hall will be in full swing liaoz! so exciting!!!

better study hard for the rest of today liaoz.

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